Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mishmash traveling day

Something's not quite right with Blogger. My posts aren't always showing up. They used to at least show the next day, but today that didn't even happen - I didn't see yesterday's when I logged in. They are, however, showing if you put /index.html at the end of the blog name but it's pretty annoying. Anyway, if on an important day coming up (like egg retrieval day) you don't see a post from me, it's probably there but hiding on the index page. Don't know why.

Well, flippin' Harry Potter didn't arrive until 5.55 pm yesterday. I was in agony waiting. Agony. I thought I'd been forgotten. I actually think I was forgotten as the guy who finally delivered it wasn't in the usual delivery truck so I have a sneaking suspicion that my book was found lurking in the corner of the truck on its return to the warehouse.

Still managed to finish it before bed, though. Yes, I am a fast reader. I was actually going slow the first half of the book, but sped up towards the end as it got into more action. It took me 7 hours, which happily leaves me the whole day to get ready for my flight. I would have slept in, but the cat had other thoughts for me, so I may have to nap on the plane. And never fear, I will be taking it with me so I can reread it slowly while I'm in NY.

I don't think I've ever had a whole day to get ready for a flight. It's quite weird. Normally I'm rushing around trying to get everything packed at 5am or midnight or something. I have a few errands to do, a spot more last minute cleaning and some more ironing. Oh, and packing. But it'll be nice to take my time.

I am feeling my ovaries already, which on the one hand pleases me and on the other hand worries me. Just so long as all the follicles are developing together, that's all I want. No dominant follicles, please. Please?


calliope said...

I have been thinking of you!!
Hope you arrived safely & that your hotel is nice & comfy.

Am sending "be submissive follicles" vibes your way.

What is your schedule like? When is your 1st scan? did you have to go into the office today?! How is th weather? What new clothes did you buy?


Care said...

Ack - how dare the delivery service make you wait that long to get your hands on HP7! Glad it did finally make it to your door though. I read my copy very fast too, now I'm re-reading it as well. Hope the travel went well and that those follicles are all behaving. I'm thinking no-dominant-follicle thoughts for you!