Monday, July 30, 2007

Words gone awry

What is UP with this format? At least posting from the blackberry this time I didn't include my work details, but I guess it messed with the formatting. Or maybe it's just my view that is off and it looks perfectly normal to everyone else. I don't know how to fix it though, so you're just going to have to hope it goes away on its own at some point.

Anyway, no call today from Big Clinic. Which must mean that my estrogen didn't drop. So that must mean that retrieval is ON. Thank God.

Oh, and I meant to post about my bruising. Unfortunately I didn't bring the camera with me because my carry on bag was chock full of medications and I had to jettison the camera at the last minute so that my bag had a hope of actually closing, but I have such an interesting bruise. All the bruises have merged into one gory purple/red/yellow/blue/green mess on my lower abdomen. And then there's a thin green vertical line going up into my belly button. Straight. Thin. Almost as if it were drawn on with a green pen. Right to the dead center of my belly button. Like the blood ran that way while I was standing on my head. While I was staying really still so it didn't meander. Or, like the blood emanated from my belly button and ran down my abdomen, pooling over the flab to cover the puncture marks with a lacy number like a doily. Quite artistic, really.

And there was something else I meant to post about, but the lack of sleep has affected my brain power, so you're just going to have to imagine that it was an interesting post. Maybe it was my estrogen levels? Here they are anyway: CD2 = 79.2, CD6 = 97.1, CD8 = 176, CD10 = 483, CD11 = 750. Yes, that's right, 750. On trigger day. It doesn't bode terribly well, does it? Especially when most people are up in the thousands.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah -

Glad to see that you got some good news with today's scan!

What happened to not finding out your E2 levels??? I can't remember what my level was on the day I got my trigger instructions, but I think it was only just over half of what it had been at my previous clinic. Remember, they are triggering early before the E2 gets sky high!

Good luck tomorrow - I will be thinking of you.


calliope said...

will be thinking of you tomorrow!
& yes...your format has gone wonky- but i'll take a wonky looking blog as long as you keep updating!