Thursday, July 26, 2007

The magic wand

Hey! I got wanded!

My own very lovely RE did my wanding this morning. Which I totally didn't expect, because I was told that the fellows do the ultrasounds early in the cycle, unless you specifically ask for an RE. And then usually it's whichever RE is doing retrievals that day does the ultrasounds before heading off to do some needling. And I know my RE's retrieval day is Monday. So, what a nice surprise! I heart that man.

AND he knew exactly who I was. I said "hey, I finally made it to NY, after all the delays and cancellation", expecting him to nod politely and not know who the fuck I was, and he said "well, yeah, with hepatitis C we have to be sure because if it had been a real positive you wouldn't have wanted to cycle. But false positives happen every now and then, and in fact my last patient with a false positive hepatitis C result is now 9 weeks pregnant so hopefully you'll follow in her footsteps." You could have scraped my jaw off the floor. I honestly would not be able to remember so many patients myself, let alone details of their history. He didn't even have my file in front of him which makes it doubly impressive in my book.

Anyway, the big results. All the follicles are small. He did warn me before shoving the wand where the sun don't shine that this protocol "pushes people out" meaning it was a slow stim protocol. But after all my uncomfortableness lately I was not expecting titchy follicles. And there they were. Titchy. But that's OK. Que sera sera. He said there were 3 or 4 on the right, with the largest at 6mm, though I thought I saw 5 or so in the nanosecond I could see the ovary on the screen. Then he said there were 6 or 7 on the left, with the largest at 10mm. I thought I saw 8 or so. Again, couldn't see the screen for very long, so I asked how he could count so quickly and he said they didn't really count at this stage so it was just a guess.

Hmm, wonder where the uncomfortableness is coming from, then? You wouldn't think that 3 or 4 follicles of less than 6mm would affect me, but my right side is as uncomfortable as the left. Oh well, maybe I really am a delicate flower after all.

I'm pretty happy all in all. All the follicles looked fairly evenly sized, and there were enough of them not to make me depressed. So it's all good. And NO DOMINANT MONSTER FOLLICLES! Yay!!! Dr. S. reckons that ER will be the middle of next week so I'm guessing they won't have me back for another ultrasound until Saturday. It really will be my slowest stim protocol evah, but of course that means a lot of drugs. Slow and steady wins the race, though, right?

I saw my estrogen levels on the screen from the previous blood draws, but I was strangely calm about them. Maybe because they are a few days old and maybe because I know whatever they are it doesn't really matter? But if you want to know, CD2 was 79.2 and CD6 was 153.


Anonymous said...

Great follie report, Sarah! Sounds like you will at least get 10 eggs out of it if not more! Also, 150 after 4 days of stims is a perfect number! They like it to be 100 or more. Sounds like things are going great!


calliope said...

hurrah for no dominant, monster follicles!!

totally crossing fingers for solid double digit eggs.


linda said...

I think your E2 on CD2 is a tiny bit elevated. Under 50 is rocking, and under 70 is kind of borderline to some REs. When it gets too high it push FSH down and give you a false FSH reading. But as you know these things change from month to month and the general trend is more important than a single value taken out of context.

What was your FSH at if they did it?

Congrats on all the great follicles and that they're grouped nicely!!!

I always laugh when ladies refer to the u/s procedure as a "wanding". I call it the "Dildo Cam". :-) I mentioned that to one RE whose jaw nearly hit the floor.

June Bug Momma said...

Woo hoo Sarah! Congrats on the no domie follie(s) I am so happy things are looking very good for you! Like always...I am rooting for ya big time! You are a fighter and fighters normally get what they want! ;o) Positive thoughts only!! Sending baby dust your way...

Anonymous said...

Yay Sarah - that is great news. And I wouldn't worry about the CD2 E2 level - you were on estrogen priming which elevates that level.

And I heart our RE too - from what I understand he likes to hang around and u/s his patients when he is there.


Care said...

Yeah for no dominat follicles! Slow and steady seems to be working well.