Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It'll be April

I just spoke to the IVF scheduler for Dr. S., who finally called me back after I called first thing this morning and she said she'd have to have the notes first before talking to me. There's no chance of doing the endometrial biopsy next week, so she has tentatively scheduled me for the end of February/beginning of March.

I have to call on day 1 of my period, and then again when I get the LH surge. Not exactly sure why I need to call on day 1, but she muttered something about giving me instructions on using ovulation predictors. Uh, yuh, I do know how to use them, thanks! But whatever.

So it looks like this will be an April cycle. Which is fine. After some excitement yesterday thinking I might be able to cycle in February, I decided this morning that that would probably involve too much running around like a headless chicken trying to organize finances and trips out of town. And April will give me a chance to lose a bit more weight. S'all good.


Aimee said...

Hi Sarah! ;o) I am glad your call went well despite having to wait later than you expected. All is good, it could work to your favor too. Less rushing around adds stress to your bod, which you do not need. April really is not that far away. I think you picked an excellent clinic to cycle with. Hoping it will bring you a BFP this Spring! ;o) GOOD LUCK!

katty said...

Very glad everything starting off so well.

katty said...

BTW, I tagged you.