Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Move along, nothing to see here

I changed my name for signing my posts. You can still see my name in the blog title, but ya know, anonymity is good, and all that. Maybe I'll be a tad less discoverable this way.

There's not much going on chez moi. Day 3 with no driving, and I'm already going crazy as I'm totally bored with all the food choices I have at home, but alas only have a Winn Dixie in walking or biking distance. Well, and a pizza place which I'd really quite like to go to, but I must resist, and an Ihop and a nasty chicken and seafood joint, both of which are quite easy to resist. Yesterday I cycled to work but today got a ride from a friend as it was raining. And unfortunately said friend had to leave work early so I have to rely on a not-so-reliable other friend for the ride home. Hmmm, we'll see how that goes. Day 4 on the diet, and as of this morning I'm down 1.5lbs, which is great. I may be able to bid farewell to the "enormously fat pants" pretty soon. Well, I know, not that enormous, but I had my "fat pants" size, then had to go up to the "super fat pants", and when I had to go up yet another size I had to come up with some sort of name! This of course is in addition to the "average" size, the "where I'm happy" size, and the "where I really want to be" size, all of which I also have in my closet. Surely I can't be the only person with 6 different clothing sizes?

The big exciting news of the day though is that my new camera arrived! The batteries are charging as I type, and I expect the cat will be chased around the house tonight for practice shots. Prepare for an upgraded, now-including-pics type of blog really soon!


namaste said...

Have you been discovered? Outed? My small brain was confused by your going anonymous on us...

Glad to hear about the poundage and the willpower (willpower, what's that again?). How much longer till you're legal again?

Hang in there kiddo.

Care said...

Yeah for the weight loss, and yeah again for the new camera! Love the kitty picture above. I understand the name change. I sometimes wish when I had started out I had picked something totally not associated with my name at all, but at least Care is sort of general. Ah, everyone knows who I am anyhow. I mostly hope my coworkers (and boss!) and my family don't find the blog.