Sunday, January 28, 2007

Spreadsheets are dull

2 more days to go until my consult! Still no detectable LH surge that I can see, but of course who really knows what the eff is going on. But I might just be able to do the coculture this cycle if this keeps up. Except now I've learned that it requires a 2-day trip to Big New Clinic, because they want to draw blood at least one day prior to the endometrial biopsy. And they only do the biopsies on Tuesday and Thursday.

I did one spreadsheet shift yesterday, typing in my medical expenses. I'm about to start another one, because I got bored yesterday, thought "fuck it" and went off to watch TV. And of course, even though I thought I had collected all my receipts together properly at the end of last year, I am missing some. Specifically IVF fees, which are the biggies. So I'm going to have to rummage around the junk piles/drawers some more.

Sigh. Spreadsheets are dull.

It doesn't help when my trusty feline assistant tries to sit on the receipts. Or my right arm as I'm typing. The right arm thing is obnoxious, if you ask me.

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