Monday, September 25, 2006

The Gainesville report, part 1

The drive to Gainesville was long and buggy.  I stopped at a service plaza and almost didn't recognize the car, it was so splattered with these big black mating bugs. They're everywhere up here - silly me thought north Florida would be less buggy than south Florida not MORE buggy!

Anyway, so far so good at Clear Passage. They are very nice and caring.    

The first 2 hour session was mostly taken up with my evaluation, although we did a little bit of treatment. It was so interesting. The therapist took one look at me standing in my underwear and said my belly button was pulled to one side. And it was!  She showed me in the mirror. I had never noticed before. I had lots of other asymmetries - I could tell as she was testing me. The right side of my abdomen is all tight (which is consistent with all the adhesions found in my surgery) and it is pulling on the left side. My legs are out of whack, I have a lot of neck, shoulder and jaw tightness, and my core and pelvis floor muscles are weak. She did an internal assessment vaginally, and again there was a lot of tightness and asymmetry.

Then she did a treatment while she had her hand up there. It honestly wasn't too bad. It felt like she was just pushing on a spot and holding it there. But when I said "so basically you just push on a spot and hold it?" she laughed. She was like, so my technique that I have carefully refined over 25 years has been boiled down to that?  And actually she did just push for a moment to demonstrate, and it felt totally different. So really, I have no idea what they do. 

The second 2 hour session this afternoon was more painful. It was with 2 different therapists. One concentrated on my right leg and abdomen, which were both sore and tight. The other did more abdomen work and some craniosacral therapy on my head and neck. But its a good pain because I know this is helping.

Its amazing how bunched up my muscles and organs are. I'm so glad I'm doing this so that I can have hope that my organs will be freed up so they can have good blood flow and work as they are supposed to!

OK, time for my prescribed Epsom salts bath. Then bed, because I am WIPED OUT.

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Anonymous said...

it sounds so cool. & the thing about your belly button? VERY interesting. Do they play music? is it in a dim room? are you naked all of the time?

For some reason it just seems like a spa- but I may have the wrong idea.

Cindy said...

I am thinking spa-like too but, of course, could be wrong. Thanks for updating your blog! I was wondering how I was going to hold out all week with no info about how it was all going, lol! ;)

It sounds very good. I totally want to do it. My belly button is off too the side too and I have wondered what that is all about.

I will check back tomorrow and see how your Tuesday went! :)