Thursday, August 14, 2008


Do you ever get that shameful feeling where you know you have just done something bad or stupid, and you hang your head? And you know that you are blushing every time you think about it? And cringe about it all the time. And you get a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach?

But do you get it when you can't think of anything you have actually done recently that you are ashamed of? For the last couple of days, last night especially, I have been feeling ashamed. And I don't know what of. It's driving me nuts. I keep thinking that I'm going to suddenly be confronted with a loved one's birthday that I forgot at the conscious level of my mind but deep down somewhere, I knew. Or remember that I owe someone a ton of money that I forgot about. Or I'm going to find a nest of rats in the attic because I'm a terrible housekeeper and didn't know that you're supposed to, I don't know, disinfect the a/c outlet pipe. Or find out that the little misunderstanding in Georgia is all my fault. Or something.

Nuts, I tell ya.

Or maybe I am ashamed for even thinking about trying to do a few insems just in case my eggs have some life in them, and am embarrassed about wasting the money. I mean, it's only money, right? Other people buy expensive shoes or handbags - who should really care how I spend mine?

Or maybe I am ashamed that I am not gung-ho about spending a small fortune on solar panels to save the planet just because, well, it's a small fortune and I might not get all of it back when I sell the house?

Cuckoo. That's me.


bleu said...

Maybe you are a sleep walking stripper and just don't know it and are ashamed about it?

It could happen.


Rebecca said...

I'm going with the solar panel issue...who wouldn't be ashamed? Just kidding...ready for my little corner of Ashamedville? I think everyone has gotten just a little bit carried away with the environment! Oooh! Don't tell anyone!

Try not to be so hard on're not a bad person and if you have a nest of rats, you can call someone...we have nests of rats in our attic at one point in our lives!

calliope said...

I think you feel secret shame over how much envy people have over your beautiful curls...

as for the insems- that shit is complicated. but you are NOT cuckoo for trying home insems. Not at all.