Saturday, August 30, 2008

Library love

I reached a point yesterday where I suddenly got my energy back.  It was at about 3pm, and the only thing I can think is that the level of caffeine in my bloodstream reached a critical mass and booted out all the tiredness prions.  Or something.  Because I drank a LOT of coffee yesterday. A lot. I think I'm still a bit buzzed today.

It helps that I was able to sleep in a bit this morning, and then hopefully I will get caught up on my homework and will be able to have a nap or two.  I will survive, and all that.

What did you think of Thursday at the convention, eh?  All very inspiring stuff.  But the thing that makes me sad is that this country could still elect John McIdiot. Why??? I will never understand the one-issue Republicans who will stick with voting for assholes just because the party is anti-abortion. I mean, I expect to disagree with people over taxation, social security, education, veterans' health care. I expect to be able to have an intelligent discussion about the issues. I expect that there will be swings in power and that's OK. We all have a right to our own opinions. But I'll never understand why the "morals" voters think that anti-abortion legislation trumps everything.  Why isn't it moral to want to make sure the poor and the elderly are taken care of? To want a government that isn't swayed by lobbyists? To not be being investigated for ethics violations? To not want the planet raped for yet more resources without giving a thought to pollution? To maybe not want to kill prisoners? And McCain's choice of a running mate? What an obvious ploy to get the Hillary voters because clearly all that matters is gender, not experience or vision or...anything really.

Sorry, politics.  This blog is supposed to be about girly-bits.  Speaking of which, I am rapidly going off the idea of doing home insems. They just seem like a completely pointless waste of money. Now that I'm paid by the hour, and I know how many hours it will take to equal one home insem, it's a different equation than when money just rolled in as part of my salary. I wouldn't mind so much if there was a chance it would work, but...meh. I find the whole concept quite underwhelming.

Oh, and hey, I actually come here to post to say how much I love the library. But now have rambled about other things entirely.  So, getting back on track...I love the library! I have started getting DVDs from the library as well as books, which is awesome, as now I don't have to pay Blockbuster for the privilege of watching a movie. And, OK, so the library doesn't have an entire section of this week's latest release, but I have plenty of things to catch up on so I don't mind that there's a bit of a time lag involved before things hit the shelves. But the even better thing is that my DVDs are due back today, and I'm only half way through the "30 Days" series, and haven't watched the movie I got at all (The Good German). So I went to their website, logged in to my account and renewed them for another week without leaving my armchair. They never had that option at the library when I was a kid. Fine, fine, neither the internet nor DVDs were invented when I was a kid, but just saying I like the concept.

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Dora said...

Online ordering and renewals with the library are terrific. I'm determined to thin out my bookshelves, as I've realized I hardly ever reread books (there are too many new books to read), and they are such dust collectors. I don't even mind the late fees when I forget to renew. I figure that's my financial contribution (in addition to my taxes) to help run the library.