Friday, August 01, 2008

No cycling news

No, no, this isn't about me cycling to work. But I realized that there was nothing going on, cycling-wise, as in no period, throughout all of July. Which is kind of unusual for me. Not that I can remember exactly when my last AF after the IVF was (although I suppose if I had the energy I could work forwards from whatever the date of the last ER was and figure it out) - I think it's been about 37 or 38 days. But much as I might like to forget IVF, it's another reminder that IVF is still effing things up for me. Including getting me denied for individual health insurance.

Hey ho. IVF - the gift that just never freakin' stops.


bleu said...

Hey, don't you think your fast could have also messed with your cycle?

Melissa said...

Bleu beat me to it, but I was just about to ask if you thought that your detox may have altered your cycle a bit. Then again, my own body has never, ever completely recovered from the hell I put it through when I was TTC'ing, so it could totally be the IVF. Who knows? Anyway, I hope your cycle resumes it's regularly scheduled programming soon.

I love the Green Frugalista, by the way!