Friday, August 08, 2008

Say what now?

Y'all are scaring me with tales of buckets of blood. Why so much? Is it a function of a long cycle*, so that the sooner I get it over with the better? Or is it a function of making your body restart itself so that I should delay in the hope that my body will sort itself out?

*For the avoidance of doubt - still talking menstrual cycles, not bicycles.  My bicycle has a puncture so I haven't ridden it this week. Must get it fixed tomorrow. Heh. Both my cycles need fixing.


Stephanie said...

For me, I think it's a function of a long cycle. Not a function of how my period started.

I only have so much patience waiting for my period to come. I was bloated and crampy and I just felt really heavy in that area.

The bleeding is a little disturbing and certainly draining in more than one sense but, it is a relief for that feeling of yuck to go away.

Not to mention, Wednesday is my lupron shot and I sure as heck don't want to start a cycle with a 7 week old lining to begin with. Who knows what the lupron might have done to any bleed I was *supposed* to have.

Almamay said...


Thank you for pointing out what type of cycle for the Dumbo of the bunch. Me!

Earlier this year when I the monster of all long cycles (for no reason) of 80 days I had a perfectly normal AF.

calliope said...

so...what is the plan?

Tricia said...

for what its worth ..... progesterone has never made AF any heavier for me. In fact, I've jump started a few cycles like that, and they're always lighter. And yeah, even after the 74 day cycle last year, it was still only a light AF. I think if AF is heavier after a progesterone medicated cycle, then sure, it could make things ummmm, less than pleasant.
Go the man-in-a-can! Who knows, there could be a lucky egg between here and Christmas ;)