Sunday, August 31, 2008

The house behind

When I first moved into my house, there was a giant ficus hedge behind the back fence. It gave a great sense of privacy, that the house was protected from view from the back. And then the first big hurricane of 2004 hit us, and half the hedge ended up in my pool. Somehow it just disappeared - it wasn't even a bunch of denuded sticks, because the branches went too. I suppose the owners must have trimmed it at some point too to remove whatever branches remained.

In a way, it was one of the more disorienting things about that storm, that suddenly this giant hedge was gone. That suddenly there wasn't quite so much privacy in my back yard. But never fear, it started growing again quickly, and pretty soon I couldn't see that house again. In fact, it grew so quickly, it started taking over the world.

And suddenly again, it has half gone. This time due to trimming, but it is equally disorienting. Suddenly there's a house behind me again. There are windows. People can look into my back windows too. I mean, I guess it's nice to see their pretty palm trees, and I know it'll be better if another storm blows through, but I don't like it.  You can see the remaining section on the right in the photo - that giant bushy thing that goes up above the power lines, probably about 16 feet high or so. I expect that that half will be gone by next week. It makes me sad.

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