Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Fay

Hey, it's a good old-fashioned deluge! I woke up due to torrential rain, peered outside, worried about flooding, and then came to the puter to check the doppler, only to find that the heavy band that I'm currently is has really only just begun. I'd probably have done better not to check the internet because I'd probably have otherwise just gone back to sleep easily thinking that the strong squall couldn't last that long.  But apparently now 8-10" of rain is expected.  That's a lot of water. Not exactly sure where that is going to go, except to swill about around all our doors and cause problems. And I especially expect my pool will flood - the water level was nice and low, but if I was sensible, I'd probably have drained more out. Except I don't know how to drain it out, so it's kind of a moot point. Ah well. Maybe if it looks like it is about to really overflow I'll go out in the crazy downpour and try to mess with the valves. Maybe not, though. Don't want to put myself in danger.  Thank goodness the winds are not bad and it never turned into a hurricane. So far.

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bleu said...

WOW 8-10 inches. Holy cow. I hope you stay warm and dry and inside and all the water does not cause flooding at your home. Pictures would be fun!!