Saturday, August 16, 2008


Oh, hey, lookie that. I'm in the "cone of death" as we like to affectionately call it* for a storm that looks like it is growing into a hurricane - first time this year. So I guess I'll have to start preparing and getting things together. I'm actually pretty far out from the predicted center, and on the other side of the state from the projected path, so it'll probably completely miss me. It should completely miss me. But you know, can't be too careful. We down here in this neck of the woods all know how rapidly the track of storms can shift because we remember Hurricane Charley.

So today's grand plan will involve putting the patio umbrella down, and moving the plastic pink flamingoes indoors. Can't have the flamingoes hurt, now can we? Oh, and laying in some appropriate supplies, like beer.

Nothing too strenuous, as it probably won't come here. But, I'm keeping an eye out.

*real name - forecast track cone

ETA: Um, so, yeah, hurricane preparations. I just made out like a bandit at Ann Taylor Loft. I got 2 pairs of pants, a jacket, a cardigan, and 4 tops for $138, which would have cost $408 if I'd paid full price. AND I got 2x $25 savings vouchers that I can use to get $25 off the next $50 I spend there. Twice. Umm, yesh, well, I will get serious about the storm at some point!


bleu said...

Geez, it is so strange, I live in (grew up in so cal)earthquake country and they are not such big deal to me but hurricanes are terrifying sounding. PLEASE be very careful!

See? There I go again making mothering comments. I am quite sure you can handle yourself very well. I just hope it stays far away from you.

Rebecca said...

Good luck! Take cover with lots of beer...I'm jealous!

Sam said...

Awesome shopping job. I love how in storm areas all the emergency supplies get sold out BEFORE disasters and in earthquake areas people freak out and buy supplies AFTER disasters. I've lived in both places and it amuses me.