Monday, August 18, 2008


Guess who gets to go home at 3.30pm today due to the storm? Yay! It's quite unusual for my employer not to keep us in work until there are actual hurricane conditions about 5 miles away, so I guess they got tired of listening to complaints from everyone over the last few years and decided to be a bit nicer to us.

The track swung a bit more east, but it looks like it will still miss me, although the winds extend out 105 miles from the center so it could be blustery. It'd be soo nice if the office is closed tomorrow, but I can't sleep in as we have to call in the morning to check on which offices are open and which are closed.

Snow day!


Almamay said...

Ha, ha! Yes, I guess hurricanes must be the Fla version of snow days. Hope it gives you a big miss.

Stephanie said...


I had to stay till 9.


Billy said...

Good for your boss!

And I hope it misses you :-).