Monday, August 11, 2008

The plan, Stan

I really was going to start the Crinone on Friday. And I never did. Then Saturday was going to be the day. Then yesterday, I really really was going to start it. And I got into bed, realized I had forgotten it, and thought, eff it, there's always tomorrow. I am so ambivalent about this. On the one hand, I really wanted to be off all medications. Completely and totally. I wanted to put my TTC days behind me and let my body cycle in its own way, naturally. I wanted to not really care about it all. And on the other hand, I kind of want to give my man-in-a-can plan a go, because who knows? It could work, and the younger I am, the better. Having said that, I am well aware that it is most likely not going to work, and fretting over missing a month of potentially fertile time seems a bit pointless so why even bother to get things going again. And yet, if I don't end this cycle at some point, what is going to happen?

Bleh. Indecision and apathy, all rolled into one. Maybe I'll start the Crinone tonight. Maybe.


As for the guy from yesterday, why yes, it is bad for certain of you to wonder if I could have got his number. Why would I go around getting phone numbers from random guys? Especially as said guy was not a good-looking studly specimen under any form of imagination I could have employed, and was certainly not within an age bracket of, oooh, plus or minus 20 years from my age. So, quit it, will ya? Perhaps it would have helped if I'd said "an old geezer was walking towards me on the other side of the street...?"


bleu said...

LMAO I did NOT go there but that just cracked me up.

calliope said...

well he COULD have been a never know. And it would have made for a cute "meet' story.

fine. I will just go back to hoping all your professors are HAWT!