Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The end of pills

Tonight I will take my last BCP. Possibly ever. I can't imagine myself ever using it again for contraception. Hahahaha, excuse me while I laugh maniacally at the thought of contraception. All there will be on that score will be disease-prevention methods until I can persuade any boyfriend to give TTC the old college try, after fully explaining the miserable odds of success and having "the talk" about what nasty microbes we might each be carrying. Assuming I manage to acquire a boyfriend before menopause, that is. Although I suppose the plan will be the same after menopause, but obviously there'll be no need to have the TTC/odds of success chitchat. I also can't imagine using it for regulating periods/acne/PMS/whatever. I think I'd rather go au naturel on that score from now on. I've taken more than enough hormones for a lifetime, so I would like to just let them do their own thing. Besides, now I'm hitting the big four-oh this year I figure I don't need the added blood clot risk. Besides besides, if one attends acupuncture school, presumably one figures out how to make oneself all healthy by sticking needles in oneself.

So, there we are. Unless I actually have normal embryos, and need to take BCP to get ready for the frozen transfer, I will be done with them.

It's crept up on me - just like starting lupron on Friday. I am just so not focussed on this IVF at all. In fact, that's kind of nice. Although I will probably forget a med one of these days and then have a panic attack, but assuming I can keep managing to check the calendar daily, I think I should be good. After all, one gets into an IVF routine, so a lot of it can go on auto pilot at this stage.

The lupron is going OK so far. I haven't wanted to kill anyone yet, so that's always a bonus. And I think I get to drop to a half dose tomorrow, so that's even better.

Thanks for the comments and emails on loans, by the way. I have got it (mostly) straight in my head now, so that's one less thing to worry about. Phew.


calliope said...

I feel like there needs to be some sort of ceremony to mark this moment of Last Birth Control Ever.

would a bon fire in the back yard be too much?

I am selfishly hoping it is your last bcp of this moment and that you will have to hop on them again for your normal embryos transfer.


Almamay said...

Congrats on finishing your BCPs. I'm with Calliope and hope you are back on them again for transfer. Thanks for your comments on BCPs about my next cycle. Interesting I've never been put on them and I've only been put on them to try and make my travel plans easier.

Sara said...

I've never been put on them either, but I can imagine how momentous this feels.

Here's hoping that your plans are changed by a normal embryo.