Monday, May 26, 2008


I have an off-topic question for you all.

So, I mentioned a few posts ago that I order a lot of stuff online.  A few weeks ago, I put in an order for 3 things from that giant online retailer that may or may not have the same name as a South American rainforest.  Well, two of the things came from other companies, through their marketplace dealie thing.  I was a bit peed off at this, because it meant that I couldn't combine everything to get free shipping, but oh well.

One item took a long time to arrive.  A long time.  It was kind of annoying, but it eventually turned up.  No harm, no foul.  Except then a few days ago I received an email from said giant online retailer asking me to give feedback on the two companies I received shipment from.

I did it, and rated one 5 stars, and the other 3.  On the 3 star review I said the item took a long time to arrive, and it was a lot of money for shipping for what it was (it was a very lightweight object).  What I didn't also say was that it was a LOT of shipping to pay when they obviously shipped it the cheapest way possible - by regular mail.  Which is why it took so long to get to me, because they were cheapskates.

So, on Saturday morning. the phone went.  It was a woman from this company.  She said they weren't happy about the 3-star rating, because that was "just the same as a 1-star rating", and that they'd investigated my claim that the item took a long time to get there, and they'd put it in the mail the day after I placed my order, so it was the Post Office's fault.  And as for the cost of shipping, they have standard shipping rates, so it's not their fault that I happened to order something lightweight.  She asked me if I'd go and change my feedback so that it didn't reflect so badly on them.  She also asked me to go ask my mail carrier WHY my shipping was delayed.  As if!

I did go and log on the site to see if it was possible to change my feedback, but it isn't, so I left it as is.  But the more I think about this, the more annoyed I get.  I gave a fair and accurate rating.  Every other company ships using FedEx or UPS or even Priority Mail.  Why should I have to pay $5.99 for regular mail?  For something that they stuffed in a padded envelope?  But more to the point, isn't it an invasion of my privacy to feckin' call me on a Saturday morning???  They could have emailed me.

I'm in two minds about whether to complain to the giant online retailer.  Do you guys think I'm overreacting?  Is this the hormones talking or would you be annoyed too?


Pepper said...

I'd definitely be annoyed. BIG TIME.

Not on Fire said...

Yes, I think that it would bug me too. You were honest. It is a lie that the standard shipping rates were out of their control. They set the rates and then sent something through the mail which certainly was cheaper.

I just got a letter in the mail offering me a free oil change in exchange for a good rating for my new car. They suck too.

calliope said...

how effing RUDE of that woman.
If it happened to me I would log back in & leave ANOTHER bit of feedback that said that after you left the above review that the seller then called you at your HOME and asked you to change it.
That is just so so lame.
Not a hormonal overreaction at all. In fact I am pissed off for you & have no injection bruises to show for it.


bleu said...

It is illegal fir them to ever contact you about the rating you gave them. Please report them to Am$#on asap, seriously. Save someone else from that headache.

Anonymous said...

They are definitely out of line. I would contact big rainforest company ASAP and report them.

HeidN (Jenny)

Meg said...

Not overreacting at all! I would absolutely complain to Am@$@^. So rude!

Alacrity said...

What happened to "sorry the item took so long to get to you" or something like that?

I agree that calling and asking you to change your rating is a bit over the top! People only like feedback when it is positive I guess.

If they choose to make their profit by sending items via regular mail while charging $5.99 for shipping and handling, then they should be prepared for the potential cost of that decision - negative feedback on delivery times.

Sharon said...

I know it was annoying and not particularly great service but Sarah I would just let it go.

If you really wanted to maybe call them back and explain again - to the manager.

Fight the big fights, let this one go. I doubt you will get any satisfaction from taking it further. Is it worth the aggravation?

Aimee & Hannah said...

The woman was flat out calleous! Hello!? Geez... I'd be more than annoyed!!

Larisa said...

I'd be annoyed too. Complain to the big rainforest retailer. The company should absolutely not have called on a Saturday morning - or any morning, for that matter.

katedaphne said...

I'd be annoyed big time too. But I doubt I'd follow up anymore other than to note down that company and tape it to your computer monitor so that you never buy anything from them again.

btw, and totally off topic -- so maybe i missed the post, but did you ever settle on a book bag for school? backpack? messenger? something else?

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

I have been in a fighting mood lately....speaking up when I typically would have let things go, and I am feeling much better than I usually do when I let it all pass. So, my advice is to call or email big rainforest co. and tell them. Isn't the whole point of feedback for customers to honestly rate the purchase? I don't think they are "allowed" to call you and ask you to change it. Maybe if you bring it to their attention, big rainforest co. will stop allowing them to sell through them. Keep us posted

Sam said...

I would be pissed off-and I would mention it to the alleged rain forest company. I might even post the name of the delivering company on your (or someone else's if you want to remain anon) blog. How rude!