Thursday, May 15, 2008

Panic at the disco

Still battling with the various NY billing departments. I suspect it'll be an ongoing theme of the next few months.

Anyhoo, my meds arrived yesterday. So I waited in for them, even though I am in SO much trouble at work for slacking off (that's a whole other post of its own but I'll save that for another day). I really shouldn't be staying home, but, you know, meds are important.

So they arrived at about 10.15. I ripped open the box and was horrified to find nine boxes of follistim. Nine. You see, thanks to some absolutely wonderful bloggging angels, I am the very proud and very thankful recipient of some donations, after my little whine fest the other week. I was able to get some follistim and ganirelix. And you know who you are ladies, but I feel the need to say THANK YOU again. Thank you, thank you, thank you. OK, so, while nine boxes was the original amount on the prescription, when I had ordered the meds, I'd specified the amount of follistim I needed, which was a lot less than nine, and the amount of ganirelix and told them that I didn't need any needles or syringes. This particular pharmacy charges for needles and syringes, and as I have enough to equip a small hospital, I didn't see the point of paying more money just to have exactly the right sized stuff that the RE thinks I need. Even if I have to use a 10ml syringe to measure out 0.2ml, or use an 18 guage mixing needle to stick myself with, I am going to save cash, damn it. Right, so, anyway, they got the ganirelix and needle/syringe instructions correct, but sent the full $4000+ amount of follistim. Despite me fucking triple checking with them on the phone, and sounding like an ass for being so paranoid. Wankers.

I have never dialed a phone so quick in my life.

I must admit, the girl on the other end of the phone was very nice, and didn't seem to mind that I was hyperventilating so much that I was practically heavy breathing. She apologized for the error and said she'd arrange for FedEx to come back and pick up the box, and I'd just have to repackage the follistim I didn't need, send it back and they'd credit me for it. Luckily I have so many cool packs in my freezer from previous IVF meds shipments that I have plenty on hand for just such emergencies. She put me on hold while she spoke to FedEx, and then came back and said they could only give me a four hour window of time in which they could come by the house. Now, in a normal, rational state of mind, I'd have just said "eff that, I'll drive to a FedEx dropoff location" but in my panicked state, all I could think about was getting fired for missing more work, and what was I going to do, oh woe is me. So I whined a bit about not having enough time to hang around the house for four hours and sounded suitably pathetic, until the girl on the phone said "hey, well, do you have time to drive to a FedEx dropoff location?"

Uh, duh. Yes!

So she gave me their FedEx account number, and I shot out the front door with the box o' repackaged meds under my arm so fast I'm lucky I was able to remember to grab my handbag on the way. And off it went. I was able to get to work by 11, so it wasn't so bad after all.

It's funny how if I buy a pair of shoes on the internet and they don't fit well that I slack so much that I never end up returning them and they spend their lives gathering dust in my closet before being donated to Goodwill. But an overcharge of $2500 or so puts a rocket under my arse like nobody's business.

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Sam said...

I'm just guessing, but you probably don't spend upwards of two thousand dollars on a single pair of shoes! Good for you for being thrifty.