Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lupron fueled rant #487

Sigh. Lupron. God, it turns me into an angry, angry lady. Thankfully, today is my last day, as I switch to Ganirelix tomorrow. But anyway, please humor me while I rant...

So what is it with companies that think their products are so effing valuable that they need to be signed for on delivery?? I order a lot of stuff from the internet because, well, I'm lazy. I don't particularly enjoy shopping unless it's for clothes. Or maybe perfume. The thought of traipsing through the mall or some big box store looking for some mundane kitchen appliance does not fill me with glee.

But while I will stay in and wait for a delivery of follistim, that's pretty much my limit. Everything else is just going to have to get left on my doorstep. And thankfully, nothing has gone missing so far in the 4+ years I have lived at my current house. I mean, an Amazon box was opened once, but I guess that could have happened accidentally in transit. Luckily for me it was a delivery of infertility books so if it was opened by thieves, I assume that they were too disappointed to even throw them around the yard in disgust.

It really narks me off, therefore, to get home to a freakin' FedEx sticky on my door saying that they couldn't deliver because my item needs a signature. It just means an extra day of waiting for the damn thing, because I always sign the little slip that says "just leave the effing thing on the doorstep, thanks" (or words to that effect). The Post Office is worse, because with their little slip it takes them an extra 2 or 3 days to redeliver as the first day after delivery they leave the box at the Post Office in case I want to go and pick it up. Uh, no, not driving to the Post Office and standing in line thanks.

Why oh why don't companies tell you in big letters on their website that they're going to send it signature required? Why don't they give you an opt-out function? I thought I had a general exemption filed with the delivery service (although that might have been UPS) to just leave stuff automatically, but I guess not. Effing hell.

I expect that the item they tried to deliver is a $150 CD containing Office for Mac - which is probably small enough to stick in the mailbox or could easily be partially hidden behind a plant pot. And the darn thing annoyed me to start with because there wasn't a downloadable version available. Ugh. Shoulda gone to the Mac store I guess.


bleu said...

I hate that. The other day I went and locked my gate at 7:15 as usual and the next morning was the sticker from UPS. They came after 7:15 at night. ARGH

One thing I do though for all other times is I took a post it and wrote on it UPS FEDEX AND USPS PLEASE LEAVE ALL PACKAGES FOR ____ and _____. and then I covered it with clear tape so it was waterproof and taped it to my front door. It is an eyesore but it works. Well unless the front gate is locked.

Sorry for the Lupron Madness.

calliope said...

I have one of those "leave packages at door" notes & the UPS STILL ignore it. it sucks.

Lame of apple to not offer a downloadable version.

hurrah for last days of lupron. Will it be like the last days of disco?

Almamay said...

Darling, All I can say is that I KNEW you were a Mac girl. You are so cool. F**k FedEx