Monday, May 05, 2008


Random crap post:

*I grocery shopped at Walmart this weekend. I know, the evil empire. I shouldn't shop there because I am supporting their evil practices. But I am trying to rein in expenditure as much as possible, so bite me. Besides, they are trying to go green so I gave it a go. Anyway, Amy's personal frozen pizzas for $2.97! Score!

*I have lost 7 lbs since ER day, which was a month ago yesterday. Yay me. Eating 1700 calories a day rocks. You don't feel (too) deprived, yet you still lose weight. Obviously, though, if I was close to my goal weight I probably wouldn't lose much weight so I will have to drop down on the calorie intake eventually but I'll wait until I hit a plateau before doing that.

*I bought awesome new running shoes. I'll post a picture when I can. I am doing really well with my jogging, all thanks to the shoes.

*I've lost the damn battery recharger for my digital camera. Waaah. So no pictures of new shoes will be forthcoming just yet. I hope the recharger is around the house somewhere and I didn't leave it plugged in in a hotel room in Vegas or something.

*Please, if you're the praying kind, pray that I get my g..reen c..ard this week. Or else send warm fuzzy thoughts to the imm..igration service. There have been developments, and I'm so close I can almost taste the freedom. God, I hope it happens this week, otherwise I might go crazy.

*Still haven't booked the next Vegas trip. I am so reluctant with this damn cycle. I must force myself soon.

*Did anyone else watch Cranford on PBS last night (or earlier in the week depending on when your local station carried it)? LOVED it! Love, love, love. If you missed it, you can watch online here.


calliope said...

we have to bite the bullet & shop at wal-mart sometimes too. It feels so wrong! But food stuff is SO cheap. So cheap. I even get my anti-D there as it is cheaper.

I wanna see your shoes! Jogging is so damn impressive - as is the 7lbs! Rock on!

Have been sending mojo to card peeps for ages and will continue to do so until you have one in your hand!

Have Cranford in my tivo and as soon as I am done watching Carrier (did you watch any of that?) I will watch it- the cast looks amazing.


Aimee & Hannah said...

You go girl!!! Proud of you for losing 7 lbs! Glad you started up jogging, you will feel imediate results physically & mentally. Very therapuetic and a positive step you. :o) *hugs*