Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I hate NY Clinic

Or, more to the point, I hate their billing department.

I haven't cycled there since November/December and yet I am still getting random bills.  Most of them marked as "overdue" when this is actually the first time I have received said bill and when I paid for the entire cycle in advance anyway.  It is seriously annoying me.  

The first bill I got was $150 for sperm storage.  I called them up and told them I didn't have any sperm left there in storage, so could they please tell me if the bill was for the months that I did have sperm there, or was for the next quarter in advance.  They said they bill in arrears for the storage, so it was for when I had sperm stored there.  So I owed the money.

I paid the $150.

A few weeks later I received a check back reimbursing me $150.  Apparently, no, you pay for storage up front, and I had already done so.  Funny that, seeing as you pay for absolutely everything they do up front, so it was never clear to me why only storage would be payable in arrears.

Fecking idiots.

Then I got a bill for $300 for a "sounding" in July.  I'd received this bill before.  A sounding is an u/s measurement of the ute, in preparation for transfer.  I'd had a sounding done by Dr. S., and paid $300 in advance for the privilege.  Then apparently Dr. C. had done one on me when I was having my ER.  I complained that it wasn't fair for me to have to pay twice to have the procedure done twice when if they'd looked in their file they'd have found the information they needed.  That it was clearly a mistake on Dr. C.'s part to have done it in the first place.  After some hemming and hawing, they said I didn't need to pay the bill.  I didn't get any reminders for 9 or so months, so I figured everything was hunky dory.  Then got an "overdue" bill.

I paid the $300 just to have an end to the matter because I didn't want to see anything from NY Clinic ever again.  I probably should have argued the point, but I just wanted some peace.

Then I got a bill for $117 for anesthesia, after they subtracted what my insurance paid for the ER in December.  This is after I paid $1005 in advance for the anesthesia.  So in fact, they should be crediting me whatever they got back from my insurance company, not billing me extra.

Then yesterday I got an "overdue" bill for $166 for endometrial sampling, for the coculture biopsy, after they subtracted what my insurance paid.  Again, I paid the full amount (in this case, $250) in advance. Again, they should be crediting me whatever they got back from my insurance company, not billing me extra.  Again, I never got a bill prior to this one, so marking it "overdue" is just overkill.

I am waiting for the billing department to get in (and to remove that annoying voicemail message of: please call back during normal business hours), and will be giving them a piece of my mind.

Seriously, I don't need this aggravation.  Not right now.  Not ever.

ETA: OK, so the anesthesiology billing department say that I never paid $1005.  I told them I have the receipt in my hand.  They said that I may have paid another department or for another service.  Nope, I say, it was specifically for anesthesiology.  They dispute the fact.  I am supposed to fax a copy of my receipt in, and they will look at it.  They refused to look anything up over the phone when I offered to read to them what the receipt said.  The receipt is pretty much identical to the one they DO have a record of, from July, down to service codes and everything.  But they won't believe me.  The RE billing department (because of course there isn't just one billing department) kept me on hold for an age then flipped me to voicemail.  I am waiting for a call back.

Fun times.


bleu said...

Ugh, I am so sorry. I cannot believe a place supposedly so professional and "famous" could have such a screwed up billing department.

Give em a piece of my mind too.

katedaphne said...

Sarah, I had the exact same trouble with the anethesia billing, down to the exact dollar amount of $1005. I did not pay it and after several phone calls and people at the hospital promising to "research" it, it went away.

Good luck. Sorry they are such poopy-heads.

Heather said...

My RE clinic is horrible. You can never ever get anyone on the phone. You have to leave messages everywhere and most of the time they don't call you back.

My friend paid up front for her cycle. She got a positive beta. It was a chemical. So they are charging her for everything after the beta because she was "pregnant" but her insurance won't cover it because she really wasn't is a horrible mess and no one will return her phone calls.

I'm so sorry that billing departments suck.

calliope said...

billing departments are pure HELL!

Man, do I want to e-mail you some booze.


Anonymous said...

Right with you on this one! Got a huge bill from Genzyme - final reminder even tho never heard from them before for a CF test apparently done at C without my knowledge cos I got it done myself anyway at huge hassle here..... Also got a bill for a sounding the other day and I'm sure it wasn't done cos it named a different RE. Dr C as far as I recall did my ER and deffo my ET but the bill was from Dr K. Haven't called them yet, can't face it. Sorry Mother's Day was so tough my dear. Am trying to take the Eckhart approach too but hard hard hard.
Love Ixx

Sam said...

I'm sorry this is so annoying. I am not the best at dealing with this kind of thing. Luckily my husband is a total asshole when dealing with billing. Guess what? It works every time. Must be nice to have a penis.

Aimee & Hannah said... you need this added hell stressor now!! They sound totally incompetant and I'm so sorry you are having to deal with it! *hugs* Wishing you the best on your cycle and hoping this is THE ONE with our lucky egg(s)!!! Best Wishes & Good Luck Sarah!!! ;o)

Rachel said...

Yuck. Just yuck. As if you don't have enough on your mind and enough stress in your life. Sheesh!

Sara said...

AARGH!!!! I'm so sorry. That absolutely sucks.