Friday, May 09, 2008

My lovely new header

I hope you are all admiring my lovely new header.  It was put together by the fabulous Ms. Calliope based on my feeble instructions.  Which went along the lines of "um...I like lavender, I like your scrolly things, can we include a photo of bouganvilla from my yard but make it kind of triangular like a bough coming over.  And miffy!  We have to keep miffy."  Well, OK, there was more backwards and forwards stuff going on, particularly on colors, fonts and miffy placement.   But the backwards and forwards stuff was fun!

And then I put it into my blogger template, which wasn't hard to do at all.  It did require a little bit of messing around to get the placement just so, and to remove the old header image, but honestly it wasn't bad.  If you've been scared of tinkering (like I was) and not artistic at all (me again) and yet you've been wishing you could be a cool blogger with your own header (oh the green eyed jealousy I was harboring), see if Calliope can hook you up.  And you'll be helping her raise money for her FET with a very small and reasonable fee.


Heather said...

It IS quite lovely!

Anonymous said...

Like the header a lot.

I just wanted to say, I've been thinking a lot about your journey. I am also starting to realize that my dream of having a child as a SMC is probably not going to happen. I am beginning to feel a lot of peace about that, and realize that this was not how I envisioned my life. I thought things would turn out differently. But I am realizing that not a lot of people have what they wanted, and that it's still OK. I'm realizing that for myself. I find your new journey of going to school, finding a new career, ect. extraordinarily inspriational. If you can find happiness/ contentment outside of the dark world of TTC'ing, then maybe I can too. I know that you didn't plan on being someone's inspiration for living life NOT as a SMC, but you have been immensely inspirational to me, and I appreciate it. I will look forward to reading your blog about your new adventures.

HeidN (Jenny)
PS I may not be going back to school, but I think if my last cycle doesn't work, I may buy a horse. I've got to get something out of this deal. And the last time I checked, horses don't ask their parents for college tuition! (or wear diapers, drink formula, or steal your car when they are 16!)

Aimee & Hannah said...