Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Taxes are done. Phew! I filed this morning. I am getting a giant refund, even bigger than last year's giant refund, despite the fact that I claimed less in medical expenses. Not quite sure how I got a bigger refund, but I'm not going to say no to it. The medical expenses annoyed me, of course, partly because of the hours of painstaking work tracking everything down. But that's my own fault due to a lack of organization. Actually, the fact that they were lower ALSO annoyed me, because it reminded me that after a year with NY Clinic I only managed to do 2 IVFs. I mean, OK, one of those wasn't their fault, due to the giganto cyst and Hep C nonsense, but still. In the previous year I managed to do 4 IVFs with Local Clinic. So, it's irritating and makes me wonder if I missed the golden egg during one of those periods that NY Clinic closed its lab down. I am having some anger issues with NY Clinic! And I'm annoyed with myself that it took me so freakin' long to get the taxes filed, when I was actually owed money. AND you can only claim $50 a night for hotel expenses when you travel for medical treatment, which is not exactly much when compared to NY prices. But, whatever, it's water under the bridge.

I emailed the nurse at LV Clinic yesterday, to ask about possibly transferring in May if I have a normal embryo or two. And unfortunately, I already missed the window for getting into the May cycle. :( So it looks like the next time I will be going to Vegas will be in mid-June. And unfortunately also, in order to make the cutoff for the June cycle, I have to start BCP right away, so I won't get to have an unmedicated rest cycle. Pooey. But, I can delay until cycle day 5 at the latest, so that's when I'm going to start them. If I take them continuously I will have to be on them for about 4 weeks, so I hope that doesn't oversuppress me if I end up doing a fresh cycle. Eeek! They said that I have to start BCP by May 6th at the latest for the June cycle, and if I have a natural cycle there's no way it'll be over with by then. There's a part of me that's toying with the idea of taking them for two weeks, to May 1st, then stopping for 5 days to have a withdrawal bleed, and then starting up again on May 6th and taking them for 10 days before having another withdrawal bleed. Does that sound like a good plan, or should I just take them continuously and not have to bleed so much? Decisions, decisions...


Staci said...

I think I'd probably just stay on them. In many Dr.'s opinions, it's beneficial to be on them for a longer period of time and 4 wks doesn't really seem all that long? In my own case, I've been on them anywhere from 10 days to 2 months prior to a cycle and honestly have never noticed much of a difference. My largest egg count ever was actually after being on them for 2 months. I know everyone is different though. How long were you on them prior to the last cycle?

katedaphne said...

I agree with Staci. Going on and off and on and off seems like a lot of toying with your system. Many people do stay on them longer. I doubt the few extra days would oversuppress you. Now if it were LUPRON you were talking about, I would have a different answer :)

Good luck whatever you decide.