Saturday, April 05, 2008


The results are in - of the 10 eggs, 7 were mature and 5 fertilized normally. The RE said that there's a 6th that may have fertilized but they're not quite sure yet so they're still watching it.

So actually I have the same amount of mature eggs and embryos as last cycle, although that was out of 14 eggs instead of 10. And possibly one more embryo, but I'm not going to hold my breath for it.

I won't pretend that I'm not a little disappointed with the number of mature eggs - I'd hoped for one or two more, given that 9 seemed to be of mature size, but of course it is what it is.

And here comes the scary part - I'm not transferring any. They will biopsy any that are over 5 cells on day 3 (Monday), and freeze any that make it to a blastocyst on day 5 or 6. Then they will do CGH testing on those that made it to freeze. And I will only transfer any that are chromosomally normal. There's a big chance of having none to transfer, but the RE is hopeful that I'll have one or two normal ones. Ha. I bet he says that to all the girls! And the results take a few weeks so we're looking at a transfer in June. Or another fresh cycle in June.

So now I go home, and leave my embryos in Vegas. I'm not actually going until Monday, as I wanted to leave enough time for a later ER when I booked my flights, so I will be heading out shortly for a Starbucks. Full caff. Coffeeeeee. And a cocktail may be drunk as well today, you never know. Wait, what am I saying? There will definitely be a cocktail!


katty said...

Wishing you and your embryos the very very very best.
Enjoy your coctail.

Aimee & Hannah said...

I think that's great news Sarah!!! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that most of your embies make it to blast and are chromosonally normal for your transfer in June!

hope you enjoy your fully caffinated coffee!! :o)

bleu said...

Well they have stuff to work with so I think that is good. I too wish for you it were more but thank goddess it wasn't less and lets hope for all 6 making it all the way. It could happen.

Much love

Almamay said...

White knuckle stuff lies ahead the next couple days. Will be sending you my thought.

Enjoy your coffee and cocktail, you've done the hard work and you deserve it.

sarah said...

I really enjoy drinks at the Ballagio. Not a bad outcome. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good chromosones.

calliope said...

now comes the fun part...heh.

If the RE is hopeful then so the fuck am I. So there.

Hope you have a relaxing weekend- as much as you can.

How often will you get updates???


Anonymous said...

Wishing you tons of little grow and divide vibes!!! I'm curious why with only 5 they would do CGH instead of just transfer those that make it to day 5??? Seems the expense of CGH would be more than a transfer?


Amy said...

what do you mean biopsy? PGD? I know what CGH and PGD are but not sure what you mean by biopsy? good luck! I certainly hope you have 1 or 2 normal one's out of the batch! Out of 12 at my last IVF (4th fresh) I had 12 retrieved and only 8 mature. :( I was still thrilled though because I never had that many eggs before.

Anonymous said...

Sending good thoughts your way...

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah-I've really been following your journey with this. Actually, I think this sounds like really good news. I have heard of so many women who were successful after many failed IVF's when the embie testing was done. I hope this is the case for you too. I can't wait to hear the results soon. FX FX FX FX FX FX
Jenny (HeidN)

Jess said...

I'm very hopeful for your little embies! Go play some roulette and put your money on 5 (or 6!!)