Monday, April 28, 2008

Are gonal-f and follistim interchangeable?

Internet experts out there - what have you been told about gonal-f and follistim?

The reason I ask is that my medication calendar shows me as being on 625 units of follistim. I questioned it with the nurse, who told me that the dosing for follistim and gonal-f are different, and that 625 iU of follistim is equivalent to 750 iU of gonal-f.

I don't believe her. Previous RE's have said that they're completely interchangeable. In fact, I have been interchanging them for the last three cycles due to left overs, donations and uh, grey market purchases.

I've emailed the RE, as something doesn't seem right here. But in the meantime, what is your take on this? Are they one-for-one or different?


Pepper said...

I have heard through the grapevine the dosing is different. My RE said that they are basically the same medication, but that was in response to whether or not I could use both in the same cycle. I haven't ask about dosing yet.

Larisa said...

I've heard that the dosing is slightly lower for follistim, but that they're nearly interchangeable.

Aimee & Hannah said...

I used both with my cycles. My RE informed me it's all the same stuff, dosing too.

bleu said...

My RE says they are the same and has even written the dose as 375iU either Follistim or Gonal F and I have been able to take both during a cycle starting with one and finishing with another.

Anonymous said...

75 iu = 1 amp of each. They are interchangeable at the powder form. Most of the time Follistim comes premixed and needs fridge (never liked that and always wanted to do IM, not sub Q) so that may account for a slight difference. But, if you were going to use a premixed pen either way, my experience is that it should be the same dosage. Good luck! Deb (deb2you2)