Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Care for some botox with your floss?

Forgot to say earlier -

I went to my dentist this morning for a cleaning, and they are now offering botox. Yup, my dentist went off and did some classes and got himself certified. But seriously, if I was going to get botox done, I would not be having it done at the dentist's office. I mean, call me rigid in my views here, but I'd rather have a dermatologist or plastic surgeon in charge who actually knows the skin and wrinkles and all that. Botox parties or botox wielding dentists are not for me. I mean, OK, I begrudgingly allow my dentist to stick a needle in my gums when I need to get a filling, so he's no stranger to injections. But on the outside of my face? Where people can see? Uh, no thanks.

I told the hygienist this, and she said that they've had one patient do it. So, yeah, I guess other people think like me and it's not going to be a big revenue earner for them. The dentist's assistant also had it done, and I'll admit, her forehead did look lovely and smooth. But I'm sure he did it to practice on her.

Although, now I think about it, if I had to be in the chair for a long time, say for a complicated filling or a root canal, maybe I could tell him to just nab a few forehead creases while he was at it. You know, while waiting for the composite to harden or whatever.


Anonymous said...

Although I'll probably never have botox, being an all-natural sort of gal, I think that a Dentist doing botox sort of makes sense. They are trained medical professionals who are detail oriented. I would guess that with some training about where to shoot the botox into the wrinkles, Dentists would do fine with this!

bleu said...

I think it is so strange he is offering this. It just comes across as soooo money hungry whic would make me worry about his dental suggestions.

I also am not a big fan of botox for soo many reasons.