Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Pink Palace

You know, the more I looked around LV Clinic today, the more pink I noticed. The waiting room chairs are pink. The carpet is pink. The desks are pink. All the chairs are pink. Even the blood draw chair is pink. And all the walls. And the lino. And the counters. The frickin' exam table. Everything.

It's like being in a giant vagina.

Yegads, it would drive me nuts if I worked there. I longed to ask the doc or nurses if the next place is going to be quite so pink, but I restrained myself. Seems a bit rude, after all, to march in and start complaining about the decor when I should be caring about their technical expertise. But really.

But hey! I went to a show last night! I got out of my hotel room and forced myself to get out in public on my own. And admit to the hordes of happy holidaymakers that, yes, I was alone, by virtue of my solo-ness. But actually I spotted quite a few people on their own - I think it helps when you see a sold out show, as lots of parties are split up, so nobody can tell who is the loser freak and who is just temporarily adrift. I saw Cir.que du So.leil LOVE, which is set to The Beatles music. Loved it! I loved Love, in other words.

Oh wait, you wanted to read about the follicles? Well, this morning they are a few 18's, a few 17's and some of the also-rans have caught up a bit. So we are pushing it another day to see if we can get an also-ran or two in addition to the initial 7, and it looks like trigger will be tomorrow, for ER on Friday. But I will be back in the morning for another look-see just in case. I thought I saw a couple on my left ovary that he didn't count - it was hard to see as it was trying to escape out of the side of my body and of course the view wasn't great as there's lots of fat and bowel in the way. But, whatever. Que sera sera.


calliope said...

Pink Vagina Palace! Cracking up.
just imagining the hallways lined with slime or something...sorry, I went there.

The evenness of size of your follies is insanely good.

let me know if you want the soundtrack to the show you saw. It is all kinds of awesome.

thinking of you,

Sam said...

Maybe they are trying to be more welcoming to the vag? So the vag will talk to its sister parts and encourage fertility? Good for you, getting out and about whilst carrying fabulous follicles!

Aimee & Hannah said...

LMAO Oh my... the pink p*ssy palace!!! You totally crack me up!

Happy to hear you got out and had a great time at the circus!! ;o)

Wonderful! Glad your follies are staying even!! Woo Hoo!!

Continuing to keep my fingers crossed for ya!! ;o)

Almamay said...

In honour of your clinic I shall don a pink outfit for you!

Girls, lets wear pink for Sarah!!

Care said...

Cracking up at the pink palace - maybe pink has some mystical fertile properties. And yeah for seven evenly sized follies - go lucky seven!

Staci said...

DH and I saw Love the last time we were out there (or was it the time before that??). I forget...it's all just a blur after your 4th or 5th time. It was a really good show. Actually, the last time we went out there we didn't do any shows as we've pretty much seen just about everything we have any interest in at this point. We didn't even stay on the strip but off in Henderson. It kind of felt like I wasn't in Vegas...which was nice!