Thursday, April 17, 2008


One week since freeze day. Sigh. I wonder if this really was the right decision? I'd have a beta result by now if I'd just transferred all the embryos, as LV Clinic does early betas. In fact, I'd be doing my second beta today. So I'd know what the score was and wouldn't have to wait until frickin' June.

But then again, if it was a BFN I'd have no additional information over previous cycles and still would have no clue whether the problem was my eggs or my uterus. So I do know that doing the CGH was the right choice. But you can't help but wonder sometimes.

Sigh. Not doing so well with the waiting. I feel so anxious to know about the embryos, which surprises me. I thought I'd be doing better than this. I am just as stuck and obssessed as with every IVF cycle, so there seems no escape from the constant worrying. Hopefully I'll be able to relax once I get the CGH results and just focus on the next cycle but this is just more of the same old torture right now.

In other news, I am down 3lbs since ER day. Which as we know is mostly water weight from the meds. But hey, not bad! The food and exercise stuff is going well and I am determined to be in good shape for June, whatever I end up doing.

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sarah said...

Even planned waiting blows, eh?