Monday, April 14, 2008


So where was I? Oh yeah, the lack of progesterone doesn't affect me, rock star uterus, normal luteal phase, blah blah blah. D'oh! I am an idiot. Of course doing an IVF cycle without progesterone is going to affect things! And I should know this, because I've done one before. On my first IVF, which was cancelled at trigger and converted to IUI, I didn't take any progesterone. I guess the RE had given it up as a foregone conclusion by that point, although I always thought he should have encouraged me to use the progesterone just in case the IUI might work. Of course, it was then my 9th IUI so I suppose he knew with a fairly high degree of certainty that nothing was going to happen. But still. No progesterone. I didn't have the mechanical damage caused by egg retrieval, but had the hormonal damage caused by lupron so I did not have a normal luteal phase. I had spotting on 9DPO and my period arrived on 10DPO.

So why would I think this time would be any different?

Because I'm an idiot, that's why. This time was no different. Today is 10 days post egg retrieval and the old hag is here. Right on time.

Other reasons for remembering I'm an idiot:

LV Clinic is moving to a new location at the end of this week. Including moving my embryos. So if they have any sense, they won't be doing any CGH testing for the next 2 weeks, and I should not therefore expect my results to come out within 2 weeks.

It's April 14th and I still haven't filed my taxes. I spent frickin' hours yesterday on my medical expenses, and am still nowhere near complete. Why do I think stuffing receipts in random locations throughout the house is a good filing system?


calliope said...

ugh!! so bummed the clinic is moving. I mean yay for them for getting new digs, but boo hiss on the timing. And maybe still kind of hoping that they will be able to do the CGH testing before the big move.


p.s. word verification is: legax
it makes me think of what one tries to achieve with restless leg medication.

katty said...

Really annoying.
you do have five embryos on ice!

Almamay said...

Sarah Superstar,

Loving you to bits. So excited about your blast frosties. Trying to keep up with intermitent Internet access from Sicily.

Much love coming your way.