Monday, December 01, 2008

Shop till your fingers bleed

I am bad.

No, wait, I am supporting the economy.

You know how today is Cyber Monday, when we're all supposed to shop madly online? Yeah, well, I'm a big online shopper. And today my inbox was crowded with special offers and special coupons and all sorts of tempting things. So while I came in to work this morning determined to resist, my resolve has been slipping the longer the day has worn on, and I started shopping. Of course, the sensible thing would be to do my Christmas shopping, and in fact on my first shopping expedition today, I did just that. Plus a little stocking stuffer for moi. But I have degenerated to shopping purely for myself and seem to be finding all sorts of little treats that I just have to have while they're 20% off. And oh, if I buy just one more thing, I can qualify for free shipping...

Damn it, I'm supposed to be being frugal!


calliope said...

what did you get?What did you get? What did you get??????

p.s. any updates on the Obama boy??

Jo said...
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Jo said...

I feel your pain! (or guilt!) It was hard to resist the extra 15% off at bl.uefly dot com today. But this happens every year! And I did need a new winter coat.

We really are helping the economy, especially since today was the official declaration of a recession!

Enjoy your new stuff!

bleu said...

LOL I HAD to do some shopping online today and everything I had to get was the rare items NOT included in the specials for today. Even the rare items not included in free shipping at any price. UGG!!

So infuriating!!!