Friday, December 12, 2008


Too-ooh-mowwow, tomowwow, I wuv ya, tomowwow, you're only a daaaaay aahhh-waaaaaay.

That's my best Annie imitation.

The adoption orientation is in the morning. I will finally be setting foot on that path. After 4+ years I will finally be moving on. I will be taking the first concrete step toward the rest of my life. Not that my life will be any different when I walk out the door after the orientation, but at least I'll have some more information. Little by little, I'll make it happen somehow.


Billy said...

Good Luck!

calliope said...

I honestly have chills just thinking about how exciting tomorrow is going to be. I will be beaming lots of love your way and checking the clock waiting for news about every single detail.

p.s. word verification is, I shit you not, "wingit"

S said...

Best of luck! I'm excited for you!