Monday, December 08, 2008

The interview outfit

Oh, if only I knew how to do polls.

Picture this: acupuncture school. Cool looking, slightly chunky girl turns up for interview (perhaps a teensy bit intimidated with thoughts that acupuncturists are supposed to be skinny and project an aura of being 100% healthy). What should she be dressed in to make the best impression? Obviously, it's a college, so one doesn't want to go all out formal, and yet it's respectful to dress nicely to any interview situation. And one wants to show a little creativity in the outfit because we're not talking law school here, so nothing too corporate.

I have a nice black dress that hasn't been worn yet (I got it using a birthday gift card to wear to my company's holiday party that is now canceled). I have the necessary spanx to go with. I also just acquired some killer red shoes that I happen to be wearing today also.

What do you think? I would wear it with a cute cardigan, of course (not a jacket, as that'd be way too formal). But I can't decide on the color of the cardigan - I have teal, bright pink, orange, or a multicolored floral one that includes some red to match the shoes but which has a base color of ecru/cream. I may have a blue one somewhere around. And of course black and grey, but they seem too somber when I want to make it a bit more fun. I'm thinking the floral one is good. Unless I should go out and buy a different cardie? I'll probably have a light green handbag, as featured here.

Is it too formal? And yes, I'm deliberately going for lots of colors to make the outfit more fun. I think the cardigan is key to that, so definitely not a black cardigan. The outfit's got to be functional, as I may be touring the campus, etc. The shoes are definitely ones I can walk in. Should I be in pants instead? The only problem being that all my pants are getting a bit worn out, and I'd rather not buy new right now, in the hope that I will finally drop a size at some point. Or maybe I should just bite the bullet, and get some nice looking jeans that I could wear with the killer red shoes? Maybe jeans dressed up with the cute cardigan and the killer shoes would be smart enough?

ETA: Ooh, actually, I have some casual-ish light grey pants that also haven't been worn yet (sale bargain that I need to be ~5lbs thinner to wear) - maybe I should try them on with the spanx to see if they look OK with everything sucked in. AND try to lose a couple pounds before the interview so I'm not in danger of camel toe issues.

Advice, please, innernets.


Anonymous said...

Been to a lot of acupuncturists. Could never imagine any of them wearing an outfit like this. Way too formal. (but cute!) I would dress way down and in something more earthy. They all seem like they'd never wear those red shoes (though I would).

calliope said...

that dress is STUNNING. But I don't feel like holiday dress matches the accu interview category. I think some nice-ish jeans with a nice cardi would be great. And if the red shoes give you some oomph wear them!!

and to add a poll-= just go to your layout, click on add a gadget and look for something that says "add a poll". click on that and it should walk you through doing a sidebar poll...if you ever want to :)

S said...

hehe you're silly! nobody is going to remember that you looked 'too' formal or not! :) wear whatever you feel makes you sparkle and feel super hot and confident!

Almamay said...

I'm thinking super cute outfit! Yes, a little formal but it is an interview. Best foot forward I say.

bleu said...

OK if it were me at an acu school interview I would be obsessed with wearing only all natural fibers. Casual likely but nice casual, but all natural fibers. But I am also such a dork.

Miss X said...

Wear something you'll be comfortable in. you don't want to be in the interview thinking about how uncomfortable you are or worried about something coming undone, something falling out, etc.

Good luck!

BTW, I had an accupuncturist who wasn't skinny but she was wonderful. I need to find an accupuncturist in my new area. Any advice on finding a good accupuncturist?