Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Interview Schminterview

I got a call from the acu school. They wanted to know how community college was going, and when I would be able to supply the transcript. So I told them when I'd be able to print out an unofficial transcript (the 18th) and that I'd order an official transcript the same day but it'd probably take a little while to get to them.

So they said I have to have an interview, which they initially suggested for Dec. 23rd, and then we decided that I could go on the 18th, with my printed-out unofficial transcript in hand, because the earlier the better. All fine and dandy, except they've had months in which to arrange an interview. I mean, did they really need to wait for this transcript? Did they really think I wouldn't be able to pass a few community college courses? I guess maybe they did. Anyhoo, it's not like it's Harvard Law or anything where there's a risk of them not letting me in because I'm not impressive enough. So I doubt if the interview will be anything more than a quick "so why do you want to study acupuncture?" session. And maybe a "how will you be paying us?" session.

But then the lady said that because I'll have missed the orientation, I'll have to stay for a couple of hours so they can go over everything with me and have me complete lots of forms, etc. But again, wtf? They've known I was coming for months. They couldn't let me go to orientation with everyone else and leave a couple of forms pending for when they got my community college transcript?

Urgh. I am more irritated by this than I have any rational right to be. It's not like anything will be really delayed in the end. But there's something about it that just tickles my annoyment bone.

AND the adoption lady hasn't called me back, and I am impatient about that. I guess I will leave her another message about the adoption orientation.


calliope said...

#1- call the adoption lady. Who knows what the Thanksgiving holiday did for her to-do list, so it doesn't hurt to ring her up and get back on her list!

as for the orientation- well that SUCKS because now how am I going to grill you about the cute boy options?!?! Do they do mixers at accu school?? Maybe this one on one interview thing will work in your favor somehow- getting in good with the higher ups may be a good thing down the road. But it does suck ass that they are making you go through so many shuffle steps!


Almamay said...

Ugg. I hate those tick box excercises, especially when you are the subject of the boxes and someone should have done it ages ago.

Well, before you know it you will be in class.