Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Just realized that the CC grades aren't going to be available until Friday, not tomorrow as I'd been erroneously thinking all along. So I called the acu school to see if this will be a problem. The admissions lady said I could change my interview to next week if I'd like. 

Says I: "Ah, no, I'd prefer to do it tomorrow if possible, seeing as everything is arranged, but if you need my grades, then it'd be no problem to switch."  
Says she: "Well, I'll have to check with the Dean, but if you'd like to switch, then we can." 
"Um, no, like I said, I'd prefer to come tomorrow if possible." 
"Well, we can switch it to Tuesday if you'd like." 
"You know? I think I'd prefer to come tomorrow, but why don't you check with the Dean, and if he really needs to see the grades, we can switch the appointment, but if he doesn't, maybe we could leave it as is?" 
"OK, I'll check and call you back."



bleu said...

head on desk hard

calliope said...

good grief!
let me know if you want/need me to photoshop something for you to bring in ;-)

Almamay said...

Hope your interview goes well tomorrow. x