Sunday, December 07, 2008


Are you one of those people, like me, who gets insanely busy every now and then, and thinks "I must simply have a beautifully planned and operational To Do list right now, this minute, otherwise I shall forget the 6 million things running around my head that I must absolutely not forget." Or something. 

It seems that, over the years, I have tried so many different ways of organizing myself, and each one gets taken up with enthusiasm and then dropped when I get a teensy bit less busy. But I've been seriously spazzing lately, and fretting over my final exams at community college, and then about real school, which is coming up quickly. So I spent a little bit of time yesterday perusing planners, and I couldn't find any that I liked. The electronic ones I have used haven't worked so well, because they all seemed designed for people who have umpteen appointments every day, rather than someone that has umpteen things to do, some of which have drop-dead deadlines, some of which really should get done and some of which can be allowed to slide in a pinch (usually the ones involving cleaning the house). Some of the task lists I have used even stop showing the task once you have gone past the deadline. I mean, hello? If I haven't completed it, it needs to stay on the top of the list, not just slink away pretending that it's all just fine if I never do it.

Gah. So I finally spent some time Googling, and found a free internet based task list that looks good, and that I can access from my B-berry. But I am not expecting miracles (although if it works well, I'll post a link/recommendation). However, as a fallback position in case I hate it, if you currently use a good organizer program or even old-fashioned paper based planner that is designed for busy procrastinators and you absolutely love it, let me know in the comments!


Care said...

Do let us know if it works. I am totally in the same place as you. Except I don't own anything even remotely like a B-berry. I am stuck in the age of the Post-It note, and I live, eat, and breathe by my Post It Notes. of these days maybe I'll get modern and organized.

Alacrity said...

I have been using the Franklin planner for 12 years. I tried a palm for a year, but preferred paper, and went back to it. It now is called Franklin Covey.

Anyway, they have a variety of planner page designs, including some which are for people who don't need a daily appt. timetable. There are four sizes to choose from.