Thursday, April 19, 2007

Well, here we go.

Cycle day 1 today.

So I have an ultrasound booked for tomorrow morning, they'll take blood and fax the results off to Big New Clinic. Who'll then let me know if I'm cleared to start stims. Then it's back to my old RE for more bloodwork on Sunday. Then I might be hopping a plane to NY on Sunday night or Monday night. It all depends on what Sunday's bloodwork shows. Nothing like making it easy to plan, huh? If I have to get on a plane on Sunday night that'll be a tad stressful (not to mention expensive). Oh well, I'll just see how it goes.

I'm trying to cover up the sheer unadulterated terror that is rumbling along with some excitement. I think I'll be better once I actually get to NY. All I can think about for now are the stacks of work on my desk, the stacks of laundry at home and all the other things I need to take care of before I leave. Eeek. I can't quite believe that I'm actually traveling to do this. It's really quite surreal.


Becks said...

Hope you manage to get everything sorted round the house then you can set off on your big adventure feeling good. Lots and lots of luck!

calliope said...

I am getting SO excited for you!
I agree- once you leave home and are in the same city as big clinic you should be able to JUST focus on you instead of work shit.

The coordinating with an out of state clinic...argh!

Will you be blogging or e-mailing or what while you are away?? I will need my Sarah fix!

Sara said...

Good luck getting your work stuff sorted out. You're almost on your way!!!