Sunday, April 15, 2007


You'd think, as I was counting down to it, that I would have blogged about putting my first estrogen patch on. But, well, it was only a patch. Took all of...oooh...several seconds to apply. I was loving my patch last night - you really couldn't see it, I couldn't feel it, everything was lovely jubbly.

By this morning, the adhesive around the edge the patch had acquired a nice collection of fluff and other dirt particles so it has a lovely outline now, and I managed to give myself a nice red welt trying to remove a particularly large blob of adhesive that was oozing out of the side. And I can feel the patch irritating my skin. You see, I'm a sensitive flower. No, really. You can put all sorts of chemicals onto my skin and it doesn't give a fig. But put rough texture next to it or gasp! adhesive or stick something on there for any length of time, and it doesn't like it. So I am fairly confident that when it comes time to pull the patch off, I will have a nice red patch for several days. Lovely!

Tonight is the first ganirelix shot. Should be another easy one, as it's a preloaded syringe. Gotta love those - no thinking or mixing!

I've been sleeping badly again. I keep churning this whole IVF business in my head again. I can't help myself. It takes up all of my thoughts. All of them. Everything is consumed in some way or another with the IVF. I'm sick of it already, and it's barely started. I think once I get to NY and get that first scan out of the way I will be better. I just worry about what my ovaries are going to do - whether we can finally do it this time and produce a good enough quality egg (or two). God, I hope so.


calliope said...

when is the 1st scan?

ugh- I remember you writing about how hivey you can get so I imagine those patches are shit-loads of fun.


Sara said...

Those patches do not sound like fun. I'm a delicate flower too :-(

Good luck keeping body and soul together as you move forward throught this cycle. It is hard to think about anything else while cycling, isn't it?