Thursday, April 12, 2007

Butt slapping

2 more days to go before the estrogen patches!

I got the patches and the ganirelix out of the big box o'drugs this morning, and carefully put them on my bedroom dresser, ready to go. Together with an appropriate quantity of alcohol pads, of course.

And then I read all the little patient information leaflets that came with the patches, just because I'm a dork like that. Not that I've read the ganirelix leaflets, but then that's a preloaded shot so it's so easy peasy there doesn't seem to be any need to bone up on the instructions. But I might do that tomorrow morning, because after all I'm always looking for a way to delay actually getting a shower and getting ready for work.

But I did discover something marginally useful from the patch instructions, which is that in tests women who put the patches on their butts had a slightly increased blood level of estrogen than women who put the patches on their bellies. That was enough for me! So we are butt slapping from Saturday.

1 comment:

calliope said...

you know you're a red neck when...

ok- just the fact that you used the term "butt slapping" cracks me up!