Friday, April 20, 2007

Wait, it gets worse...

So, a nurse from Big New Clinic called me this morning, to say they'd got the ultrasound report and were waiting for the bloodwork before making a decision on the cyst. And incidentally they said they hadn't received my repeat HIV and nasty disease testing. I said I'd had all that stuff drawn in early March and gave them the name of the testing company. The nurse said she'd get the testing company to fax the results over.

I just got a call from a doctor at Big New Clinic. An actual doctor. You know it's bad when a doctor calls. Not only do I have a cyst, which they want to do nothing about and delay me for two months. Yes, two. One month before I repeat the ultrasound to see if the cyst is gone, and then I can start on the estrogen and ganirelix the following month. If it's gone. And of course, Big New Clinic closes its lab down periodically for cleaning, and I've got a sneaking suspicion that waiting two cycles will put me right into the period of time that the lab is closed. So I may even be benched for 3 cycles.

But here's the icing on the cake - my hepatitis C test came back positive. So I can't proceed with IVF at all until I can get that sorted out. They said that often these tests give a false positive, and that my prior tests showed that I was negative. So it's more likely than not a false positive, but I have to go to a doctor and get more tests, including liver function tests, so I can prove to Big New Clinic that I don't have hepatitis C.

Benched, benched, benched. Fuck.

I'm not actually worried about the hep C, as I have not taken part in any dangerous behaviors since the last negative test, nor have I had any blood transfusions. But still, it's a pain in the proverbial to have to retest everything. And of course I suppose there is always a small posibility that it is a real positive but slim. And if they'd followed up on these tests when they first asked for them, I'd have known this in March and got it sorted out by now. So it's pretty darn annoying.

And I don't even have a regular doctor, so now I have to find one.


Becks said...

Oh sh*t sh*t sh*t...what a bummer. Hope you're not too down about it and hope they get everything sorted soon for you.

Jade said...

I'm soo sorry, this really really s-cks. Your Hurry up, get your life in order and then get completely de-railed by things beyond your control. And you have worked your ass off to make this happen.

But hey, maybe we can cycle together late summer?