Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Methaphor schmetaphor

So, what does it mean that when I post that the drought was making me think of my own ovaries drying up, lack of fertility, etc, the heavens open up and deluge us? Within a few hours of my post yesterday, it started raining, and boy did it rain. We got about 3" in one afternoon, and it kept raining all through the night.

This morning is bright and sunny, with perky plants who are reviving from the long drink that they managed to get. The grass has greened up overnight and while we are still in drought conditions, things are looking very much better.

Yes indeedy.

I promise I will stop whining about shrivelled up dried ovaries. At least until after the cycle is over.

3 more days to estrogen patchness!

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calliope said...

& go drink a big glass of water...just in case.