Friday, April 20, 2007

A cyst, a cyst, my kingdom for a cyst

I went for my routine u/s screening this morning, to rule out cysts.

And the first words out of the u/s tech's mouth? "Are you having any pain or discomfort?" No, says I. "Oh," says she, "you have a 5cm cyst. Are you sure you're not in pain?"

A cyst! Damn and blast. I have been having these damn ultrasounds for, what, 2 and a half years. Not one cyst. And just when I am trying to arrange this complicated out-of-state cycling thing, just when I have told my boss I will be away for medical reasons, just when I got cocky and booked the effing flight, I get a cyst.

I am waiting for a call back. I can't believe that this means anything other than being benched for at least a month. Either they will just want me back in a month to see if it has gone away on its own, or they will want me on birth control pills, or they will want to aspirate it. Whatever happens, I do not think I am doing an IVF cycle this month.


Kim said...

That sucks great, big, giant gorilla balls! I hope that there's some way for this to come out positively, and that you can cycle this time around. :hugs:

Chris said...

I hope there's something they can do. I'm so sorry.