Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Adventures in Therapyland

Well, I have my very first therapy appointment tomorrow at 6pm. I'd made an appointment already for May 2nd, as that was the first "evening" appointment the therapist had. Mind you, the May 2nd appointment is for 5pm which is practically mid-afternoon to me and doesn't qualify in my book as "evening" especially as she's not in my city so I'd have to leave work at 4pm. But a cancellation opened up for tomorrow at 6, so she's fitting me in early. I'm not quite sure what to expect. I mean, I think it will be helpful to work through everything but I'm not sure whether to expect that this is going to be a lengthy process, or whether I'll end up going for 4 sessions or something and have enough tools to help me deal with the disappointments. We shall see. We shall see if I even like her. I must admit, she's kind of annoyed me on the phone already but hey, you can't have everything in life. She was highly recommended by both acus, and at least I'm trying.

In hep C news, I was trying to tell my aunt that I really may have this. They've already done the back-up test that is supposed to be the definitive this-is-not-a-false-positive test. And she's having none of it, saying that if I've caught it from doing nothing, then everybody would have it. So it MUST be a false positive. Which is true, I try to think that too, but most doctors are going to look at the test and stop there. She wants me to demand that the new doctor rerun the diagnostic test at not one, but two labs. Which I think I will, even though he'll think I'm crazy and I'll have to pay cash for at least some of the testing I'm sure, as only one lab is covered by my insurance. But if I have it I would still want her and the rest of the family to get tested. I think she's in denial because I basically insinuated that if I really have it, my cousin is suspect #1 as he's who I've shared towels and bathrooms with most. She also wanted me to call the RE to see if he could tell me if we can test the vial of frozen sperm I have in storage to see if I got it from the sperm. Um, yeah, they test the guy's blood for the antibody and the actual virus before they let him donate, and then they retest his blood every 3 months for the antibody. I think we'd know by now if he had it. And I don't think they can test sperm for it.

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calliope said...

you will do GREAT in therapy. When I started I walked in and said, " I am here because I can't get pregnant" and then burst into tears...I'm telling you. It is loads of fun.