Monday, October 20, 2008

Wild goose chase?

So, a while back, shortly after the Veep candidates were announced I heard on the radio that one of them was going to be speaking nearby, for free. The one that I would actually like to listen to, you understand, not the idiot. All you had to do was go along to the campaign office and pick up tickets. Well, that not being an opportunity I could pass up, I checked the map, figured out where it was, and scooted along there at lunch time. I, along with dozens of others, circled all the local buildings for a while, trying to find the damn place, as it was hidden at the end of a strip mall that was at right angles to the road. With no sign up. When I eventually found the right place, and fought my way through the throng, I found out that all the tickets had been given away the night before. Even though the first public announcement of the event had been that morning.

Quite frustrating, and a veritable wild goose chase. But I learned my lesson. I figured should anything like that happen again, I would pounce.

And then I got an email this morning that a certain Prez candidate is going to be speaking tomorrow at the very college that I attend. For free. In the gymnasium. Oh, be still my beating heart! Tickets are on offer starting this morning at 10am, at a table at a local park. I have a strong suspicion that this will be the making of another wild goose chase, particularly as ominous clouds are brewing. And it's a big park. I have strong doubts about getting anything apart from wet, frustrated and highly irritated.

But I can't not try, can I?

ETA: OK, it took 1.5 hours of chaos, but I got me a ticket!!! Yeah!


Almamay said...

Oh how very, very exciting. I'm quite jealous. Have a great time. I want DETAILS after.

bleu said...

WOW very awesome!!

Cindy said...

Oh, how exciting! You must post about your experience! Can't wait to read! Oh, I'm jealous too!:)

Tricia said...

Can't WAIT for the details! We're all waiting with baited breath to see who gets the nod in 2 weeks. You're in Florida right? Have you seen that bit in the Futurama movie where Bender goes back in time?? Please say you have - i was almost wetting myself laughing, it was more plausible than reality.

Selmada said...

I'm in Canada so cant vote but have still loved watching the debates. I would love to see in person.