Wednesday, October 29, 2008

TV time

Did anyone watch House last night? Cuddy was about to adopt as an SMC and House just spent the entire episode saying vile things to her about adoption, being an SMC, raising kids, working mothers. Everything. Bleh. I know it's only for dramatic effect, and we all know House is supposed to be a pretty vile character, but some of the attacks stung.

And then the adoption failed, and she said she couldn't go through with it again so House called her a quitter, like she quit IVF. Hmmm. Thanks dude. Sometimes it takes courage to try and then to know when to quit.

Well, I suppose I should be happy that at least a TV show is being somewhat realistic about fertility treatments and how difficult it is to become a mother the non-traditional way. At least one show is showing that it doesn't always work and sometimes we're left with nothing, and that sometimes it hurts too much to keep going.

But it all kind of depressed me seeing as I really haven't watched much TV at all lately - this is perhaps the second show I've watched in over a month, apart from the occasional news program, so it was a bit much to take. Oh, and the other show? Yeah, the main character got pregnant in that one. So I'm batting two for two of themes I didn't really want in my hour of escapism.


p.s. to Anonymous - I'm glad I've finally made you happy. Now eff off.


Billy said...

Errrr annoying that that's how they protray infertility! Yes, it's nice that they're showing a more real side to the battle to become mothers' but they probably went to far to the other side.
And indeed - ut does take courage. Lots. And I think you're such a couragess (sp?) person!

Sam said...

I was upset during House last night. I wanted to reach through the tv and strangle him. And of course adoption scenes always get to me. I want a happy ending, dammit.

Jess said...

I didn't see the House episode but have heard some buzz about it. Between that and the twit that has become an SMC on the Office, we are getting a little bad press, no? Frustrating. So much for mindless escapism...

Oh, and Anonymous sucks. I just got my first offensive Anonymous comment and the ickiness of the experience made me feel for you with all that you've been through with your Anonymous (maybe they are the same bitter person??).

calliope said...

I was crying so much watching House. He's an ass. I mean clearly he LOVES Cuddy and I think his horrible comments were from jealousy, but still that were so so cutting.

Tricia said...

Don't you just hate it when your foray into TV land for escapism just ends up leaving you feeling down and exhausted by it all??

Hope your computer issues get sorted soon too!

Anonymous said...

Of course you don't like House! You don't like ANYONE who doesn't feed into pity parties that go one for YEARS!

Tell your girlfriend that she should dump the worthless, cheating sack of shit boyfriend that she's been crying about for years - that she's too good for him - and she won't speak to you again; she'll call you harsh and mean. Tell her you "understand" and encourage her to give him "more time" and that "he really does love" her and she'll be stuck to you like white on rice.

That's the moral of the human story - feed weakness and misery, support decisions that'll lead to lack of fulfillment and everyone will love you.

Sarah, how many years are YOU willing to devote to this ambivilance while YOUR life ticks away? How happy will you be turning 49 without the baby you wanted because you couldn't execute on it because a dozen "friends" (on the web!) supported you down that path.

Psst. girls who bring a big piece of cake to your desk when you're on a diet because "you're being silly, you look great" aren't really your friends. It's passive aggressive, get it? And that's EXACTLY what you get from your "supporters" - encouragement to do what they don't do themselves. Sometimes the real friend, the real supporter, the genuinely caring advise is the one that stings the hardest - the one who tells it like it is and doesn't just watch you continue down the dead end, cheering you on, knowing full well how destructive it is.

But you're NEVER going to see that because you're exactly THAT GIRL. You want to be encouraged in your dream to be an astrophysicist even though you've been abysmal at science and math. You want to be cheered on in your quest to sing professional Opera, though your voice is on par with William Hung. REAL FRIENDS would do as House would do and steer you away from a path that will never yeild fruit.

And, sadly, it'll be decades before you "get it" - the hard way!

Stephanie said...


You do love the sound of your own typing, don't you? I can imagine you in your living room or bedroom reading your missive out loud and mentally congratulating yourself on a job well done.

Isn't it you that has a child through donor eggs?? What sort of "real friend" will you be to your child?? Perhaps the kind that, when they fail to make the team, you tell them that they sucked anyway.

Maybe, when they are in the school play and pee their pants on stage, you tell them that they were never acting material anyhow.

Perhaps you discourage them to apply for colleges you feel that they'll never get into. Tell them that they won't be good enough and aren't worth the $100 application fee.

Is that the kind of support you offer? Realism at all costs? Let's throw cold water on everyones' dreams because some things don't make sense to you.

I'm willing to bet that a whole hell of a lot of things don't make sense to you. Least of all my friend Sarah.

Have you ever met her? Are you even her friend? Because *I* am. I have been with her through pregnancy tests and chemicals and transfers and bad fert reports. I have been to many consolation dinners- for both her and myself- with her.

I know her heart and I know that she deserves to have choices. And, she certainly deserves to not have those choices criticized by someone who doesn't even know her or care about her in the least.

Don't argue that you do- your words don't come from a caring friend. They come from a woman who is clearly embittered by the choices that were taken away from HER by someone or something.

Does pushing your agenda on some anonymous person somehow replace an important piece of your life? Because this blog has obviously become entirely too personal for you- seeing as how you don't even know Sarah.

You are a woman who is missing a great deal- real friends (or, at least the ability to identify one) and a security in your own choices enough that you don't feel the need to repeatedly justify them by inflicting them on strangers.

You are a sad person who lives a sad life. And that makes me sad for you.

Not Sarah, though. She knows what the really important things in life are.

You're not on that list.

Sam said...

I'm so immature. All I can say after reading anon's comment is: she spelled "yield" incorrectly. Nanny nanny boo boo on her.

Stephanie said...

And, don't forget, she confuses "advise" with "advice". How annoying.