Friday, October 17, 2008

Ooh, hey, joining the rest of you

You know how all you cool girls have blog readers or RSS feeds or whatever they're called that tell you when someone posted something new in a blog you like? I never did. I tried to set one up a couple of times, but always failed miserably because I couldn't figure them out. Clearly I am a dufus in that regard. I'd always be reminded of my failure every time someone mentioned how they had to catch up on 277 new posts, or something, and I'd be like "wait, what? OH! They are tech savvy and I'm not." I, on the other hand, would have to check blogs old-school, which meant a lot of useless clicking on links that were not updated. Which lead to blog-reading fatigue. And not enough comments from me.

But blogger has finally done something useful, and created some widgets to allow you to follow other blogs easily. Finally! Now I can be a cool girl in the last nanosecond remaining before the rest of you all find the next best thing to be doing. And I put some linkies at the bottom right of people who are following me, so hopefully this will encourage me to click more often and leave more comments on their blogs too.

Yay for blogger for once.


Billy said...

Nice! The old way does sound tiering, so it's nice Blogger developed this tool :-).

Sam said...

I follow you through Google reader. My husband held me down and MADE me try it, even starting a few blog subscriptions for me because I was so resistant.