Friday, October 31, 2008


I realized this morning that I might have suddenly come to a decision on future motherhood. All of a sudden I have this peace about one particular course of action, and it seems like the right thing to do.

Haha, maybe you did me a favor, Anonymous*. Maybe my unconscious was working on all of this while I slept, following your nudging. Which makes me assume that my unconscious brain obviously responds better to bullying and insults than my conscious brain does. Or maybe it's been percolating all along - I knew I would come to a decision at some point soon, and that it was only a matter of time.

I'm not going to say what it is, as I want to sit with the decision on my own, at least over the weekend. I want to roll it around, try it on mentally for size and all those other things.

*I'm still going to delete your comments though, so don't bother posting a self-congratulatory essay or anything.


calliope said...

*pout* hurry up and share!

Cindy said...

So, when do WE get to find out? I would love to hear your decision and how you came to it.

Oh, and I cannot even express how much that anonymous person ticks me off. She could at least have some guts and give her true name. She must be seriously mentally disturbed (at least have a personality disorder) to keep at it as she does. Craziness!

Cindy said...

Sarah, just a should get require poster's to give their e-mail address. At least take out the anonymous option....

Alex said...

Sarah -- delightful news on both fronts (your finding a path/place you feel at peace with and your decision not to tolerate anon's silliness anymore. The latter was interesting for awhile, or I found it so, if only because of the responses it provoked from you, but it's gotten rather tedious, I think).

Looking forward to hearing more about YOU!

Tricia said...

Spill girl, spill!!
Ah, I suppose waiting the weekend won't kill us.

Glad you feel you're at a decision re motherhood. The whole tetering between decisions and being in limbo does my head in, but, like you, I find keeping busy with other stuff allows my subconscious to sort through the mess and come to a decision. Can't wait to hear.


sarah said...

I'm glad you've got somethign to chew on.
I'm exctied to hear about it!

Care said...

It's great that you are finding peace with one path, whatever it may be.