Thursday, October 23, 2008


We have to take our English essays to the college writing lab to get them reviewed and commented on at least twice before handing them in. So I toddled off there today at lunchtime, to get my final review done of the current essay I am working on. I admit, I am kinda proud of this one, as I have reworked it carefully, taking out wordy sentences, editing to the bone to make it snappy, and generally using all sorts of proper grammar and punctuation. I have even risen to the heady heights of using three semicolons!

Today there were no writing tutors available, but my English prof. was there, so I took it over to him to do the review. He read it in silence, then put the paper down, raised his eyebrows, let out a big sigh and turned to me with a serious look on his face. I immediately started worrying that something was wrong. "You really don't need this class, do you?" says he. He said he spotted one place where a comma was missing, but he wasn't going to tell me where it was - he said to spend a short time at the weekend reviewing it one last time, and if I felt like doing a final edit, I could, but if not, it wouldn't matter. I met him later on as I came out of the library, and he told me it was so pleasant having a good student in the class. Then bizarrely asked me if I could tickle trout. To which I replied "errr, that'd be a no." "Ah," says he "you're not perfect yet, then."

Arrr. Community college is good for the soul.

Of course, my boss is seriously pissed off with me because I am behind on my real work, so life is not all rosy. Well, you know, that, and I'm barren, single and old, but that goes without saying. Still, it's nice to be patted on the back for something.


bleu said...

:::pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat:::

(I know I am a dork)

calliope said...

wow. that is pretty impressive. And of course I am now going to ask if your English prof. is hot. I mean he TOTALLY wanted to pickle your trout. heh

Sam said...

And now I know what tickling trout is...I'm with Calliope on this one, I was thinking trout tickling was a wee bit dirty.