Saturday, October 18, 2008

Feel good Saturday

I'm feeling a bit happier over the weight situation. I've managed to lose 5 lbs since my post-birthday weigh-in shocker, so that's good.

And I have other news - I'm about to become a slum lord! I have a little guest house in my yard, which I am going to rent out to a woman from work, so I'm going to have a roomie, sort of. It'll definitely help with the finances, and given that she's a total social butterfly that's always out doing something, maybe she'll help drag me out of my shell a bit.

Tonight I'm going to see a play with Stephanie and her DH. And the TWINS who she discovered yesterday are on board!!! [Sorry Steph, if I'm letting the cat out of the bag.] Hehehe, I just can't keep anything to myself.


Melissa said...

Please tell Steph congrats from one twin mama to another! Have fun at the play!

Stephanie said...

It's ok, Sarah! I mean, you gave a little running commentary of how the cycle went. Seems unfair to keep the really good stuff to ourselves! ;-)

calliope said...

TWINS!! Holy Shit! That is awesome news. Congrats, Stephanie! (& thanks for letting us know the wonderful news)

I think it is great that you are renting your guest house out to a social gal. I can't wait to hear about all of your new adventures in GOING OUT!