Thursday, September 04, 2008

Yikes here comes Ike

The latest predicted path for hurricane Ike is very worrying. I hope it swings around, but right now it looks like it is aiming squarely at my house. I'm not sure the house can survive a category 4 impact. I know it'd probably be fine (fine as in: there'd be damage, but damage that I could cope with/fix) in a category 3, but 4 is much much worse. How does one pack to evacuate knowing that everything that you leave could be gone? What if the roof blows off and the contents are sucked out into the void?  I have no intention of staying, by the way, if a 3 or higher is heading for my house so I'm not so worried about my personal safety. Just my house safety. And the choice of where to go and how far to go. And how the cat is going to deal with it all. And how on earth I'm going to get everything done.

Still, they are predicting that it might lose strength, so that's good.  And it could still shift and not hit around here.  

Please shift, storm, please shift. In the meantime, I have found my insurance policies, and may slowly start putting stuff to evacuate with into my "hurricane box", should it come to that. 


bleu said...

Really scary Sarah. I hope it shifts!!

calliope said...

yikes! I totally hope it shifts. But you & kitty are always free to evacuate to my house :)

katedaphne said...

I know what you mean Sarah. I am pretty blase about hurricanes after a decade in Florida. But a Cat 4 is nothing to mess around with. Actually the only time we've ever evacuated is when Charley's skinny line went thru our town 4 years ago, that was a Cat 4 also.

I hope this storm weakens a lot before it comes near any of us. I'd offer you a place to stay but a beach house is prolly not on your short list of places to go. :) You're always welcome tho, if it seems to be coming your way but not up to Tampa.

Care said...

Yikes! I hope Ike weakens before it hits land, or at least changes course.